World Cup Fever

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I love the world cup and apparently so do millions of women supporters. During a normal week the cavemen cheer their tribe of red or blue or white or pink or whatever colour that makes them shout like warriors, but most women just carry on unmoved by the strange and explosive 2 hours of animal behavior. However, once the pride of our nation steps out onto the battlefield at the world Cup, these calm and controlled ladies just can’t stop themselves and pow, they are on the front line cheering and ranting like us hairy types. That’s what I love about the world cup, it’s all embracing from 3 year old’s to 80 year old’s, male or female we all band together and become one…well at least until we get knocked out that is. What do you think?

Chris Jones

5 thoughts on “World Cup Fever”

  1. Hey Chris, the world cup does have a way of getting everyone super excited, doesn’t it. I can only imagine the atmosphere in Brazil as they prepare for the event. The last soccer world cup was hosted in my ‘backyard’ (South Africa) and even though we had a team that was totally outclassed, it was still an amazing experience to have it hosted here.

    Charles (Karl):

    1. I’m sure that it will be spectacular,and I pray it goes without any ‘Problems’ It’s great that big and small countries all come together and football is the magic ingredient. good luck Karl in sunny South Africa

  2. Thanks Bryan. Your boys have gone to a ‘closed doors’ training camp in California. I think they could go a long way so make sure you’ve got plenty of beer in. Good Luck

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