Moyes can’t be trusted with £200million Rumours abound that the Glazers don’t feel they can trust David Moyes with their £200million war chest. It’s going to be out with the old and in with the new this summer, but who’ll be doing the spending?  The Dutch manager Louis van Gaal has been in contact with United, but he’s trying to be too clever with trading Spurs and United against each other, so much so that he’s probably shot himself in the foot and will end up at neither. It’s the big smiley Borussia Dortmund manager, Jurgen Klopp that all the papers are now toting as the new red devil boss. He did with Borussia what Roberto Martinez has done with Everton, basically taken a financial minow and got right up there in amongst the big boys (Matinez now there’s a thought?) Klopp is fed up with Bayern Munich taking all his big hitters, so United would be very difficult for him to turn down.

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As for David Moyes, well he can only watch on and pray he gets maximum point from his remaining games.

Chris Jones

5 thoughts on “Moyes can’t be trusted with £200million”

    1. Hi Eric, I think Liverpool have got it, but after losing ‘Badly’ to Everton I think David Moyes is even closing to the chop…Sorry David. Thanks for your comment, Chris

  1. Being a Preston North End fan, I’ve been a bit of a supporter of David Moyes ever since he did good things for us. My own view is that the political (and ok, managerial) genius Fergie knew just what he was doing with the timing of stepping down, and I’m not sure that anyone would have achieved a much different result this season. Patience definitely seems to have run out with many of the United faithful though and I doubt many of then would be disappointed to see Jurgen Klopp splashing the cash for them. Great site by the way!!

    1. Hi Rich, thanks for your input. Patience no longer exists in football as there’s too much MONEY at stake. Would Sir Alex Ferguson have three years with nothing to show these days? no chance. It looks like some teams will be on manager number two before the season’s out. I agree David Moyes is a good manager, but is he a United manager?.
      Chris Jones

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