how can Arsène Wenger keep his job?

coordinate Arsène Wenger is a very nice man, he calmly sits on the bench as he watches his team get another beating…and that’s the problem! His team took another beating by the excellent Everton and the players seem to just calmly accept it. Being beaten is now in the Arsenal DNA and Arsène Wenger has to be blamed, or is it the Arsenal board? because a club of the stature of Arsenal having not won anything since May 2005 would surely have sacked the manager by now. Even Ferguson would have gone. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the Arsenal style, but where are the players with the total full-on desire to win? Where are the leaders on the pitch that don’t accept defeat, the players that really really make it happen? Finding those players and having that mental attitude comes from the drive of the manager, and I am afraid that Arsène Wenger has no longer got that. The question is have the board got that drive and the bahogies to do the deed and cull the legend, or are they just too nice also?

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