Grand Master Mourinho suffers from schoolboy error

improvise buy xenical Chelsea let things slip in Paris as the financial new kids on the block showed them how to kill off the opposition.  Up front Chelsea had less than nothing with Mourinho using the midfielder Andre Schurrle as the lonesome striker.  Torres was on the bench and if he didn’t know where he stood before, he does now. To be honest PSG  weren’t that good being sloppy in midfield and very shaky at the back. The difference was the strike force with PSG starting with 3 world class strikers Ibrahimovic, Cavani and the busy genius  Lavezzi. Add on the sub Javier Pastore  who  came on and scored in the 92nd minute, he cost a mere £35 million, and poor old Jose could only watch on  green with envy.  David Luiz is a complete puzzle to me, he dashes around like a headless chicken but if he gets the ball he’s just as likely to pass it right back to the opposition.  His decision on how to tackle or even if it is a tackling situation is so suspect it’s frightening to watch. He dives in and is constantly trying to win balls that cannot be won. He pursued a PSG striker close to the byline with the striker facing away from goal and sure enough as eggs is eggs Luiz crashed into the back of the player who gratefully crashed to the floor. If your under fourteens did this it would be press-ups all round. As if by divine retrobution the following free kick was whipped into the six yard box and the cavalry charge of attackers all just missed the ball. It fizzed off of the turf and bumped into Luiz’z shins and in the back of the net. The look of guilt on his face was there for all to see. Jose Mourinho at the press conference blamed everyone but himself, but think back to Torres at Liverpool, how can that player no longer exist? Next week could be more about saving face rather than going through to the semi’s

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