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Giggs and Scholes to lead United Ryan Giggs www.footballexposed

Ryan Giggs has pulled off a masterstroke by persuading Paul Scholes to head down to United’s training ground and assist him for the remaining games of the season. Every United fan will be filled with excitement as the two Über talented heroes go about inspiring the uninspired eriacta canada. United fans will never have looked forward to four meaningless games with such anticipation ever before, and what if they produce magic? What if they supercharge what everyone calls a less than average team to play like the glory days of old? If that were to happen could the United board dare risk another whole season by letting them take it on, oh boy this could  be really interesting…what do you think???

Chris jones

As predicted David had to go

David Moyes on

Yup I think everybody feels sorry for David Moyes as to be honest he was on a hiding to nothing following the legend of Sir Alex. As for his career? he might think about a long holiday as a new job maybe hard to find for a little while. United have given themselves some time to assess a replacement as club legend Ryan Giggs takes charge until the end of the season. I will watch with great interest to see just how the players respond to Ryan, and if he can re-create the United Power-Pace and Passion viagra generika schweiz. For me Jurgen Klopp seems to have the right mindset and tactical beliefs that suit the United mold, it seems the supporters also are backing him. As with all vacant posts it should be very interesting to see who sticks their head up into the firing line? Who do you think should take charge of this giant club??

World Cup Fever

World Cup Fever

world cup fever

I love the world cup and apparently so do millions of women supporters. During a normal week the cavemen cheer their tribe of red or blue or white or pink or whatever colour that makes them shout like warriors, but most women just carry on unmoved by the strange and explosive 2 hours of animal behavior. However, once the pride of our nation steps out onto the battlefield at the world Cup, these calm and controlled ladies just can’t stop themselves and pow, they are on the front line cheering and ranting like us hairy types. That’s what I love about the world cup, it’s all embracing from 3 year old’s to 80 year old’s, male or female we all band together and become one…well at least until we get knocked out that is. What do you think?

Chris Jones

Moyes can’t be trusted with £200million

Rumours abound that the Glazers don’t feel they can trust David Moyes with their £200million war chest. It’s going to be out with the old and in with the new this summer, but who’ll be doing the spending?  The Dutch manager Louis van Gaal has been in contact with United, but he’s trying to be too clever with trading Spurs and United against each other, so much so that he’s probably shot himself in the foot and will end up at neither. It’s the big smiley Borussia Dortmund manager, Jurgen Klopp that all the papers are now toting as the new red devil boss. He did with Borussia what Roberto Martinez has done with Everton, basically taken a financial minow and got right up there in amongst the big boys (Matinez now there’s a thought?) Klopp is fed up with Bayern Munich taking all his big hitters, so United would be very difficult for him to turn down.

Jürgen Klopp on football exposed

As for David Moyes, well he can only watch on and pray he gets maximum point from his remaining games.

Chris Jones

So close to tears of joy and tears of sorrow

So here we are with just a few weeks left of the football season and the pan of football broth is about to spill over as the winners and losers are exposed for all to see. This season has been a breath of fresh air, with no particular team dominating and already having the premier league trophy in their cabinet. Could it be Chelsea, Liverpool or Man City who knows, we’ll see players become super heroes and players who crumble under the pressure.  The whole history of a football club will hang on a single decision from a manager. Whether to attack or park the bus, which players to drop or which ones to risk if carrying a knock? could a super-sub score a 94th minute winner cialis generika schweiz preis?

I believe this season it could change literally minute by minute during the final game of the campaign. I don’t know if such things exist but we could all do with a screen that showed simultaneously three games at once because the emotional highs and lows will bounce around like a ball in a pinball machine. The world loves our premier league and this season will only enhance our reputation for having the strongest and most exciting football on the planet.

Thers’s only one José Mário dos Santos Mourinho Félix

Love him or loath him José  has done it again. I said in my first report that I didn’t think PSG were that good but on that night Chelsea were worse. Well at Stamford Bridge PSG proved that they were only average while Chelsea raised their game with more energy and willingness to attack in numbers.  José ‘s negative mind challenge to his attackers paid off with the forgotten striker  Demba Ba poking the ball into the roof of the net in the dying minutes. This gave Chelsea an away goals draw win that puts them through into the semi’s. This means Mourinho is now the most successful manager in the champions league at reaching the semi’s with 8 to his name.

how can Arsène Wenger keep his job?

Arsène Wenger is a very nice man, he calmly sits on the bench as he watches his team get another beating…and that’s the problem! His team took another beating by the excellent Everton and the players seem to just calmly accept it. Being beaten is now in the Arsenal DNA and Arsène Wenger has to be blamed, or is it the Arsenal board? because a club of the stature of Arsenal having not won anything since May 2005 would surely have sacked the manager by now. Even Ferguson would have gone. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the Arsenal style, but where are the players with the total full-on desire to win? Where are the leaders on the pitch that don’t accept defeat, the players that really really make it happen? Finding those players and having that mental attitude comes from the drive of the manager, and I am afraid that Arsène Wenger has no longer got that. The question is have the board got that drive and the bahogies to do the deed and cull the legend, or are they just too nice also?