United Play like a dog on a chain

zithromax cost We’ve all seen that scary old dog that’s chained up in the back yard, you know the one where you can go up to it and taunt it, knowing that it just can’t reach you and bite you. It just growls and paces from side to side and back again, well that’s how Man Utd play under David Moyes.  I’m sure the Old Trafford faithful must go home with neck problems due to the fact that United’s attack consists of playing the ball from one side of the pitch to the other side and back again and again and again.  What happened to the forward pass in behind defenders? to the wingers driving behind their fullbacks and whipping in a cross?  Think of Beckham to Van Nistelrooy…goal, think of a long throw to the halfway line from Schmeichel to Ronaldo, who drives forward and cuts back a cross for Rooney to drive into the bottom corner (normally around 6 seconds).  United’s attack was so dynamic, strong and quick that it meant the opposition were scared to death to attack for the gaps in behind meant certain punishment.   Today under David Moyes the build up is so slow that the slowest old war horse can get back. Teams with their two banks of four can watch United try to tippy tappy the ball through endless re-cycling phases all played out in-front of them, not much harder than a training session for the opposition. Of course United’s players are just carrying out Moyes’s instructions, but it’s boring the pants off of the spectators and the players also,  who clearly have lost the faith in their managers philosophy.                                                        Barcalona of course created the endless passing game, but watch around the player who has the ball and he is spoilt for choice as 2,3,4 or 5 runners give him options behind defenders. We are loving the new Liverpool, who under Brendan Rogers turn defenses inside out with driving passes from Steven Gerrard to the direct runs of Suarez or Sturridge who actually commit defenders. It’s the one thing all defenders hate the most ,being attacked head on, because if they are beaten they are often forced into a Yellow or Red card situation, and don’t the SAS attack of Liverpool know that.  United’s wingers need to go back to basics…beat your man and deliver the ball into the box. Rooney , Wellbeck and Mata need to drive into the box and commit defenders and create openings and pressurize players instead of this endless side to side routine. David Moyes did a great job with Everton as he built a team that was always difficult to beat, but United aren’t a team that is difficult to beat, United is a team that beats teams. It is a different mentality and one that is not in his DNA.

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