UEFA propose new Nations League to keep the money rolling in

bargain armodafinil uk UEFA have announced a ‘Nations League’ to be played in the odd years of the footballing world. Apparently it will replace those meaningless friendlies that no-one really cares about, especially all the club managers who watch their prime stock get kicked or crunched for nothing.  Of course these title chasing heroes of our favourite teams are insured, and if injured their clubs would be compensated for their loss, but would they really? If Liverpool lost Gerrard and Sturridge their real chance of a title would surely dissapear. Maybe the club would get their wages covered, but how much would Not winning the title cost? How can you possibly compensate for that?  Ask  Arsen Venger if he is missing Jack Wilshere? who knows how much that active midfield dynamo would have influenced the games that have destroyed their season.

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co-operate http://bykeraviation.com/81594-buy-betnovate.html Michel Platini is the mastermind behind this vote grabbing idea. Oh am I suggesting it is politically-driven? well yes, as the 54 member states of UEFA  all have equal voting rights, so that football powerhouse of Gibraltar has the same voting power of Germany.  Plus in 2015, hopefully  Sepp Blatter retires and Platini is kissing cheeks to get the votes he needs, a case of dumb and then even dumber. Platini’s ideas include increasing the European Champion ships from 16 to 24, so a competition of the very best, to a competition of the very average. Another of his master strokes was to put two guys dressed in official’s kits to stand by the goals with cattle prods in their hands, what these people do no-one has any idea. They look like little boys waiting to use the toilet, and that’s exactly where all his ideas should be flushed.

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